How This Was Made:

♥ This website was created using the coding languages Html, Javascript, and CSS. Over a few weeks, the mentors at the girl's coding program at MIT, HelloWorld, helped me build a website on Neocities, a platform to build websites. In the beginning, I had very ltitle knowledge on coding with html, javascript, and css, but now I have successfully built a website!

What is Html?

Hyper Text Markup Language, or html, is a coding language, used to build web pages. Html focuses on what is on a site, such as text, images, and a basic layout

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets, is used along with html, to "decorate" your site. CSS is a way to fine-tune the aesthetic and style of your web page, to make it creative, and personal. CSS provides an efficient way to store information on layout, images, etc., in a simple way, so you don't have too much information your html.

Neocities Logo

What is Javascript?

For building a website, Javascript is a way to add interesting, and interactive features; like buttons, and text input.

What did you use to make it?

I used a website called Neocities to build my website. Neocities provides a free, helpful, and organized way to explore html, and web page building.

Can I Make a Website?

Yes! The programming languages do take time and practice to understand, and implement onto your website, but it is very fun to learn, and easy to get the hang of with good effort! There are many online resources to help learn new parts of html. Some I like are:

W3 Schools: Has information on adding interesting elements through html, javascript, and css.
Stack Overflow: Very helpful for finding help for specific problems.