About BLS Studdy Buddy

What is BLS_SB?

-BLS Study Buddy, is a website created by students from Boston Latin School aiming to create a website with easy-access study resources, reliable information sources, and options for students of Boston Latin School to help eachother with their work.

Why did we create BLS_SB?

-We created BLS Studdy Buddy, because we wanted to provide a website that allowed BLS students to access helpful and reliable resources to help them study and succeed at BLS. On this website, students can share tips and ideas for their homework, have access assignments to reference, find good study tools, websites for extra help, trustworthy research sources, and more!

Can I actually trust BLS_SB?

-Yes, you can actually trust BLS Study Buddy. Our sources are BLS teacher approved, and students say they are very helpful.

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